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Why Cut Throat Marketing?

Cut Throat Marketing is synonymous with passion, attention to detail, and pragmatism. We provide a high-quality, no-nonsense approach to digital marketing in order to help you promote your brand, establish yourself as an industry, and edge out the competition.

Hard data, proven techniques, brutally honest assessments, and a killer instinct—that’s the Cut Throat difference.

Our Story

In 2017, our CEO and woman-in-charge Cynthia Giles founded Cut Throat Marketing. She was still in school for web design, so the original plan was to apply what she was learning and earn some cash on the side.

But what began as a small web development project soon grew into a full-service digital marketing agency. After a wildly successful debut year, Cut Throat was recognized as the “Best New Business for 2017” by the Greater Irmo Chamber Gala Awards.

Over the past two years, the team has grown from one passionate woman to a whole team of strong, talented, and creative individuals who share Cynthia’s love for the work.

What we do

Search Engine Optimization

S-E-O these three letters are the present and future of online marketing. We employ a wide range of techniques and tactics to improve your site’s search engine ranking. Cut Throat is the smart way to optimize your online presence for more visibility, more leads, and more profit.

Website Strategy, Design, & Hosting

What are the hallmarks of a Cut Throat website? They’re stunning, functional, fast, and intuitive. We have everything you need for an effective website. Attract new customers, convert traffic, and earn more than what you spend on it.

Social Media Marketing

Don’t be one of those businesses that take Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for granted. If a social media marketing push is what your business needs to succeed, we’ll develop a campaign that targets exactly the audience you need.

Content Marketing

You know what they say, content is king. And that’s especially true at Cut Throat. We know the value of good content, so we work with you to create blogs, videos, and infographics that your customers will love.


PPC Management

In the world of organic viral marketing and SEO, too many people take PPC for granted. We don’t.

Combined with our SEO strategy, Cut Throat’s PPC management services can get you to the top of the search results with tailored keyword research, market analysis, and day-to-day monitoring

Our Team

Feel free to reach out! We offer consulting services individually for each of our specialties!

Cynthia Giles


Cynthia’s passion is to help people use web-technology to their advantage. From consulting to one-on-one training, Cynthia has a knack for explaining the details in simple terms that are easy to follow.

Outside of being Cut Throat’s CEO, Cynthia has her hands full with various other distinguished positions. She’s on the Board of Directors for the Irmo Chamber of Commerce, the PR chair for her Rotary Club, and an instructor for small business digital marketing at her alma mater, Midlands Tech.

Geoffrey Giles

SEO Strategist & Project Manager



Geoffrey Giles started his career as an IT Management expert in cloud computing, data backup, and data security. He likes functions, analytics, and data. As the go-to-guy behind the scenes, he does most of the research and strategizing for our clients. He also has a tendency to use words no one understands—consider yourselves warned.

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