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Graphic Design Services

It doesn’t matter how great your SEO or marketing is if your brand image looks like?amateur?hour. Cut?Throat Marketing partners with one of Columbia’s premier graphical designers, Big Eye Bird, to combine digital design with our marketing services. With our combined efforts, your business will soar above the competition.

Logo Design with Big Eye Bird?Design


Big Eye Bird has worked with some of the biggest businesses and non-profit agencies in South Carolina. With Big Eye Bird, we will provide a brutal and honest audit of your visual brand, including your logo and web layout. If you decide you want a complete revamp?of your logo, then our partners can get you off the ground.?

Big Eyed Bird Creative

Big Eyed Bird Designs has worked with numerous businesses and non-profits in the South Carolina area. These include:?


  1. Preservation South Carolina?
  2. Stenora?Logistics?
  3. Pawleys Front Porch?
  4. The Owens Agency?
  5. Rosewood Art & Music Festival?
  6. Early Learning Partnership of York County?
  7. Energy Freedom Advocates?
  8. The Okra Strut?
  9. Richland One Montessori Schools

Professional Branding and Design


Big Eye Bird and?Cut Throat?Marketing can help you re-brand with a professional image and coherent design across all your media?channels. Whether it is digital design or logos for your print media, our partnership can ensure that you never look like a low-budget company. You’ll always make the best impression.

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