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Social media is?the?space for marketing your business. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are where customers find your product. More importantly, it is where they?find out?about your products—from other people.??

That means that a 1-star review might be the only thing a potential customer sees before they check out your?competitor.?

Let Cut Throat Marketing take control of your social media, manage your online reputation, and provide?persuasive, honest connections to your potential clients.

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Social Media is the New “Word of Mouth”

Cut Throat Marketing loves organic search marketing.

?When we take control of your social media accounts, we make sure that your best foot is forward. That means good reviews in prominent review sites, quick marketing of your content, and engagement with online audiences. We use data-driven marketing and our experience with digital marketing to manage your brand, manage your reputation, and manage your message.??

Sign up with Cut Throat Marketing to get experienced, effective,?social media.?Don’t take social media for granted. Your competition isn’t.?

What does this mean for you? It means that once you make your initial investment, and once we enact our strategy, then the results will come to you… and keep coming… and keep coming. The returns on proper organic search optimization are huge over time.?

We help you grow organic traffic so that you keep getting business, month after month.?

Social Media and Content Marketing Set You Above the Competition

Cut?Throat?offers SEO and content development, and a major part of that marketing involves social media. We push your content across your social media channels and make sure that others start to pick it up. Not only does this get the word out about your company, but it builds your reputation as an expert in your industry.


Your Business Depends on?Your Reputation


Social media platforms aren’t always nice, and they aren’t always fair. No matter how well you treat your customers or how great your customer service is, there is going to be someone online complaining.??

Trust Cut Throat Marketing to make sure that your online presences is solid, positive, and representative of your amazing?business. We don’t cut any corners here… we will make sure that positive customer interactions show up at the top of Google results.??

Social media is also the avenue to get the word out on your charitable side. Promote local initiatives that your business takes on, or the community that you support. Show your happy customers and employees, and make sure that potential customers know that your business isn’t just about money.?

We’re not going to lie: a solid online reputation and a professional social media account is the different between a customer gained and a customer lost. Don’t try to scratch and save when it comes to this?crucial?aspect of your marketing?efforts. Cut Throat Marketing will tell you exactly what you need to do.

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